Detroit Bold Coffee Drive Email Template

Tips for your Detroit Bold Coffee Fundraiser Drive:

  1. Post your link on Facebook, Instagram , Twitter and social media accounts throughout the coffee drive.
  2. Send an update reminder emails several times, updating your contact on how the program is progressing
  3. Encourage your membership to share your fundraising drive with friends via personal contact, text, emails and post on social media


Here’s an easy to use email template to get you started for email campaigns and social media campaigns!

Detroit Bold Coffee Drive Email Template

Dear friends and family,

Thanks to you, our organization has helped [provide the value your organization brings to others].

In an effort to bring awareness to our organization and raise much-needed funds, we have joined the Detroit Bold Coffee Drive. Detroit Bold is donating a large portion of funds directly to our organization!

Our goal is to sell [number] coffee items by [date drive ends].

  • Please click this link to order online: [group fundraiser link]
  • Enter our code in the coupon section: [group code]

Detroit Bold Coffee is sealed tightly so it lasts a long time and makes a unique gift!

  • Detroit Bold coffee makes a great gift! Order for friends and loved ones near and far. 
  • Order separate  for friends that you want  direct shipped. One shipment per order works best.
  • Stock up! Detroit Bold has a  good shelf life!
  • Order for your office or home!

Please share the news and help or organization achieve our goals!


[organization leader/member name]