1701 French Gourmet Dark Roast Coffee – Ground & Whole Bean Coffee Bags

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Delicious Gourmet French Roast Coffee

French roast- smokey, rich, heavy bodied, BOLD.

This bold and heavy bodied coffee is inspired by the small French settlement and missionary outpost that founded the city of Detroit in 1701. It’s rich taste and aroma is smokey yet smooth and filled with extraordinary flavor. A complement to any task at hand, this blend makes the perfect cup of coffee or espresso.

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Detroit, Michigan grew from a small French settlement and missionary outpost in 1701 to become one of the world’s greatest cities. It was here in 1913 that the dawn of the industrial age brought with it millions of people who came from all parts of the globe to work and build a community. We continued that tradition with our 1701 French Gourmet Dark Roast Coffee. It has a strong, bold flavor with high levels of caffeine but a smooth, taste that makes want to come back for more. Each blend is handcrafted by the hard-working people of Detroit.


We take the time to create our proprietary blend of coffee beans and have perfected how to roast the strongest, boldest coffee over the past 100 years. Detroit Bold Coffee is smooth, refreshing and above all, BOLD!


Every bag of DETROIT BOLD COFFEE is hand-packed by our amazing D-Bold staff. By purchasing DETROIT BOLD COFFEE, you are supporting the local Detroit economy which is on a very important rebound. 

Not to mention, a portion of all of our proceeds are donated back to Detroit charities that focus on the revival of our beloved city. We believe in giving back and building a long-term sustainable economy with a product that people love.

Join the BOLD NATION and try a bag of our incredible coffee today!


  • Enough caffeine to power a full day of work
  • Support local, handcrafted coffee
  • Gourmet taste at a price anyone can afford
  • Hand-packed coffee by the hard-working people of Detroit
  • Proprietary blend perfected with over 100 years of coffee roasting experience
  • America’s Boldest Strong Coffee
  • Premium coffee beans
  • Perform at your best with focus, clarity, and energy with our high-caffeine coffee
  • 100% natural
  • Thousands have already enjoyed our awesome-style coffee
  • 100% guarantee – Add to Cart and try us with no risk. If you don’t love it, we’ll refund you, no questions asked

Whether you design it, fix it, build it, grow it, or clean it up… be BOLD my friends — Detroit Bold!