Highland Parker – 2 Boxes of 12-Count Single Serve Cups of Woodward Ave Blend & Mug in Gift Box

$48.99 available on subscription

Detroit’s Favorite Medium Roast Coffee Blend

Detroit isn’t called the “Motor City” for nothing! From the assembly lines that put America on wheels, to the highways and boulevards that connect us all, no other road defines the essence of Detroit like Woodward Avenue. Enjoy the deeply appealing taste and aroma of Woodward Avenue Blend. It’s roasted to perfection, consistently smooth with just the right amount of smoky balance.

Woodward Ave. is a perfect gift idea for anyone that loves great coffee.

Our single serve coffee cups are fully compatible with all Keurig® style coffee makers.

Woodward Ave Medium Roast Coffee by Detroit Bold Coffee has a strong, bold flavor with high levels of caffeine but a smooth, taste that makes want to come back for more. Each blend is handcrafted by the hard-working people of Detroit.


We take the time to create our proprietary blend of coffee beans and have perfected how to roast the strongest, boldest coffee over the past 100 years. Detroit Bold Coffee is smooth, refreshing and above all, BOLD!


  • Enough caffeine to power a full day of work
  • Support local, handcrafted coffee
  • Gourmet taste at a price anyone can afford
  • Hand-packed coffee by the hard-working people of Detroit
  • Proprietary blend perfected with over 100 years of coffee roasting experience
  • America’s Boldest Strong Coffee
  • Premium coffee beans
  • Perform at your best with focus, clarity, and energy with our high-caffeine coffee
  • 100% natural
  • Thousands have already enjoyed our awesome-style coffee
  • 100% guarantee – Add to Cart and try us with no risk. If you don’t love it, we’ll refund you, no questions asked


Whether you design it, fix it, build it, grow it, or clean it up… be BOLD my friends — Detroit Bold!