Did you know that the notorious 8 mile road is also known as Baseline? 8 Mile really came into the spotlight with Eminem’s movie. We wanted to launch a product that the whole nation could relate too and what better way than our new Baseline 8 mile blend. This incredibly strong coffee contains a special, highly caffeinated bean from Ethiopia to give you that kick to get through your work day. If you look up Baseline in the dictionary you will find one definition that says “A starting point” This is exactly what our Baseline blend is. Enjoy one cup to get your day rolling forward.

“Warning: Do not attempt to sleep after drinking” Just because this is a stronger cup of coffee does not mean that we sacrificed flavor for that kick. Baseline has a smoky smooth taste that goes down easy and gives you a buzz. Why do people drink a strong cup of coffee? To get their job done! Why do they enjoy Detroit Bold? We are the “Awesome style coffee for hardworking humans everywhere” and not to mention it taste great!

For our first 2000 online customers, we are including a limited edition collector’s box! This is a HOT item and is selling fast so be sure to pick yours up TODAY!!!

You are supporting the local economy with every bag of Detroit Bold coffee you purchase. We also donate a portion of each sale to local charities in the area. So do good for yourself and the community by supporting America’s Boldest Coffee: Detroit Bold!



Written by:  Aaron W. Helander | Chief Bean Counter (CBC) |Detroit Bold Coffee