Last Friday, the Detroit Bold coffee team made a visit to the Plymouth Community Arts Council event. Naturally, with coffee in hand.  At Detroit Bold, we focus a lot of energy in engaging within the community. Coffee brings people together and so does art. 

Mr. Tim Tonachella was featured at the Plymouth Community Art Council last Friday. He featured several amazing shots of Detroit. Tim is a talented photographer from Taylor, MI who spends most of his time taking beautiful shots of our lovely city of Detroit. We felt it was important to be there to support his work. 

Tim Tonachella said, “I took photos in Detroit because I love this city and it means a lot to me. This city made me the person who I am now and I have pride in these photos of my city.” 

The experience is much more than visual. It’s intelligent, it’s something you place yourself into. It’s extreme. It drives you to develop deeper thoughts. We welcome you to check out Tim’s work and not think at a higher level. On the off chance that you have never been to this show, you are welcome to visit next year!

The Detroit Bold team enjoyed their time at the PCAC. We are committed to engaging in the community and promoting all that is good about Detroit! 

Anyone can be a Detroit Bold!

Try our various styles here & let’s all keep propelling this beautiful city forward!

Written by Alaa Homsi: Alaa is a coffee drinker expert who loves to drink his coffee every morning to start his day, yet one coffee is always not enough!