pay people fairly and great things happenRecent front-page news states Amazon is joining Detroit Bold in paying honest wages for honest hard work. Detroit Bold is proud to proclaim that we have been leading the way by paying at least $15 an hour for all employees. Founder, AJ O’Neil says, “I’d like to welcome Amazon to the $15 an hour club!”

AJ says, “it’s a question of ethics. The community supports the local companies and the companies must support the community.” He goes on to say, “we are proudĀ  to take on a strong role in fair play for everyone who is a part of the Detroit Bold team at every level.”

Detroit Bold Coffee believes in the spirit of community. Being an integral part of the community is deep within our core values. Every day, we focus our energy on the driving up the strength of the spirit of Detroit. Day by day, we can see our influence expanding.

Please join us in support of fairly taking care of hard-workers everywhere and feel free to support our community by enjoying an awesome-style coffee for hard working people everywhere!