I have quietly wondered, that in these challenging times, where this giant of a pandemic the likes most of us have ever seen is upon us, is coffee essential?

Certainly, in light of social distancing, quarantines, and stay-at-home orders, I would hardly consider myself as a Chief Bean Officer to be on the frontlines like doctors, nurses, EMTs, families and loved, cherished unfortunate souls afflicted with COVID-19. We merely sell coffee.

I was reminded of the immense emotional attachment that we as a culture have to our favorite coffee. It has warmed our hearts here at Detroit Bold, as we have seen orders placed online from people all across the USA this past couple of weeks. We feel great pride that our coffee evokes that kind of comfort in these emotionally heart-wrenching times.

We have continued to do our due diligence and try our hardest to keep grocery stores stocked. We don’t mess around, we get in, we get out. Gloves, sanitizer, washing hands, wearing masks, social distances, we do it all,

And then the plea came in from across our online channels from the medical staff who have heroically set up shop in the TCF Convention Center. It’s a giant MASH unit right downtown, set up to take in overflow patients that this madness has brought upon us, stretching our ability to treat all of the casualties. The medics, nurses, doctors, and staff had no coffee.

From now until it’s done, we’ll make 2 trips to the TFC. 630 am and pm with fresh, hot coffee . We’ll put on our gloves, masks, sanitize and social distance. We’ll get in, we’ll get out. And, we’re going to dedicate each coffee run to someone with a connection to our community.

To our fellow grocers, food manufacturers and distributors, we are with you in spirit. To our 1st Responders and all who are helping in our great time of need, we salute you. To our beautiful state and city of Detroit, we love you, very much.

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AJ O’Neil

Chief Bean Officer of Detroit Bold