Here’s a little snippet from an article written by Kaii Tilley about the founder of Detroit Bold Coffee, AJ O’Neil.

We invited some of our friends over to tour the facility and were pleasantly surprised to see this excellent write-up. Thank you for taking the time to write this heartfelt blog article Kaii!

Here’s a snippet from the article: DON’T COMPARE ME, I’M RELATABLE – LEADERSHIP TIP

I learned in high school that after every class it’s always good to learn one thing; and if you can take that one thing and learn from it, then that was a successful day. Meeting with AJ would be my successful day if I was still in high school. There were many life lessons I learned from AJ that day such as:

  • Don’t let your failures determine where you end up in life
  • It’s okay to start somewhere and end in another place

But most importantly,

  • Not to compare yourself, but instead, relate with the person

“Don’t compare me, I’m relatable.”

picture of karma jack digital marketing and detroit bold coffee company owner

That statement instantly relates to me. I have a bad habit of comparing my situations to others and instead of helping the problem. I’m, in a sense, making it worst by comparing. With that being said, why compare it when I can simply say ‘I relate to that”. I can’t believe I was so selfish but now that I’m relatable I can become a better friend, co-worker daughter, and all-around person to the people around me.

You can buy Detroit Bold coffee on their website or AMAZON. A portion of their proceeds goes back to the community of Detroit. It’s awesome-style coffee that makes a difference in people’s lives. Try it today!

The heartfelt blog article was written by Kaii Tilley