“It’s the coffee around!”

We had some fun with Liam McIlroy, Director of the Detroit Youth Lacrosse program, at the Eastern Market last Saturday. We couldn’t help but quote him on Detroit Bold Coffee! He said, “It’s the coffee around! It’s people who make it, it’s the people who drink it, and it’s the community it creates. Coffee brings people together [and] this is the best!”

Liam is a community enthusiast and spends much of his time empowering the Detroit youth through mentorship and coaching. We think the leadership this program is providing the youth in the city of Detroit will make a great impact. Thank you for all your service!

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About Detroit Youth Lacrosse: Detroit Youth Lacrosse is a youth serving organization created by the Chandler Park Conservancy to support the health and well-being of Detroit youth and introduce them to the elite game of lacrosse. Our mission is to cultivate the resiliency of our children and empower them through mentorship and coaching to pursue academic, athletic, and community-centered excellence while fueling the growth of lacrosse amongst children of color, their families, and the community at large.