We get a lot of coffee questions. I mean a lot.

One of the most common questions we receive from people who purchase our bulk coffee is; “what is the best way to store coffee?”

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Now, back to the article!

What is the best way to store my coffee?

The simple answer is to store your coffee in an airtight container because smells and other odors can affect how your coffee tastes. Coffee is freshest when it is stored without any air.

Should I freeze my coffee?

Yes, you can freeze your coffee if you follow these simple steps.

  1. Use an airtight freezer bag. Airtight bags prevent your coffee from getting freezer burnt and blocks any odors that might make the coffee taste different than how it should.
  2. If you are using ordinary zip-type bags, push as much of the air out of the bag as possible. Then use a second bag and squeeze as much air out of the second bag. This will help make sure your coffee stays fresh.

Founder of Detroit Bold Coffee, AJ O’Neil says, “as for the taste, there is a common belief among roasters that icy-cold water and VERY cold beans make for the best brew. However, room temperature beans are fine!

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