Detroit Bold's Fish BowlEvery Saturday at Eastern Market, and at most events where we serve coffee that we think it’s appropriate, you’ll see the familiar fishbowl.

Most of the time, we ask people to throw in what they want to pay for a cup of coffee into the bowl. If they need to break a bigger bill to make change, they do it themselves, no questions asked. It’s always an honor system.

We use a good portion of what we collect for a few different things that probably get used a thousand different ways. It might be for someone’s bus fare at Cass Park or a person who could use a few bucks for no other reason than “can you help me out.” No questions asked; we give to them what you gave us.

Sometimes it’s those familiar folks at intersections around town. There is a rickety sign and a rickety person and when we have the opportunity, it goes there. Someone told me it was illegal. If it is, sorry, Please don’t tell.

There’s a thousand photo op’s that would bring a tear to any Facebook post because you see genuine gratitude a lot when you hand a person in need a few bucks. There are times when pics are fun but we could care less who sees us.

It’s not always possible of course. We sincerely appreciate that we all do what we can in our own way. Some might even disagree thinking that we are contributing to someone’s bad habit. That’s not my proverbial side of the fence. Like I said, no questions asked.

But I just wanted to say thank you because you make it possible, one cup at a time.


Chief Bean Officer

Detroit Bold