The Roads Of Detroit
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Ever drive through Detroit and wonder where the name of the streets you travel on came from? You’re not alone! Detroit and its vast metropolitan area have a centuries-old rich, diverse history. The names of our streets weave a wonderful story that literally connects us all.  Let’s take a drive!

Destination: Livernois Road

The “Avenue of Fashion” in Detroit

Livernois Ave was named after 18th Century French farmer Francis Livernois and begins just across Jefferson Road at old Fort Wayne in southwest Detroit and travels interrupted through several Oakland County communities. Livernois name changes to Main Street in Pleasant Ridge, Royal Oak, and Clawson before reverting back to Livernois from Troy northward through Rochester Hills.

The newly paved (2019-20) and streetscapes famed “Avenue of Fashion” between 7 & Eight Mile in northwest Detroit shows a renewed promise as a prime shopping and cultural destination of Detroit.

Livernois Road

The Avenue of Fashion . Livernois Street between 7 & 8 Mile rds. have overcome hard times to show a renewed sense of recapturing its illustrious history as a shoppers mecca. (photo:Crain’s)