Hello Bold Nation!

who makes Detroit Bold CoffeeWe want you to know that Detroit Bold coffee comes with a mission. Our vision is to use Detroit Bold coffee to do GOOD and be BOLD!

We define that as giving back to those in need whenever we can.

We constantly avail ourselves to provide an excellent product that does GOOD for our neighbors and in the community.


We donate coffee to lots of organizations and support schools, churches, homeless shelters, and other worthy causes, usually without fanfare.

Detroit Bold Coffee gives back to Forgotten Harvest

We’ve always endeavored to keep these things out of the public eye because we don’t do good deeds for publicity. We do it because we feel that having the name Detroit Bold carries the responsibility to do our best to not leave anyone behind; even if its just a cup of coffee on a cold day.

All we hope for is that you become a part of that by purchasing our coffee. We promise that all of our coffee is packed fresh and delicious.

We don’t have a high-paying position anywhere in our company! The more coffee we sell, the more we give back. It’s YOUR purchase that allows us to do what we do.

So thank you for supporting us through your purchase. We LOVE it when you choose Detroit Bold among the many coffee selections there are in stores. We LOVE when you order online and LOVE when you ask stores to carry our product when they don’t. We really LOVE when you share with us your many wonderful stories!

We’re going to share more of what we do in the community going forward because you should know. We think its the best way to do business and wouldn’t want to do it any other way.

Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!


P.S. Hey! If you’d like to make a difference, feel free to try our incredible Baseline Coffee Blend. It’s a HUGE hit for hard-working people everywhere.


Detroit Coffee - Baseline by Detroit Bold Coffee Company