We just recently attended our second year of the big Lipari Food Show at the Suburban Showplace Convention facility in Novi, Mi. This is a huge place off I-96 and Grand River Rd and is about the size of a football stadium.

Along row after row , starting with 100, then 200, 300, 400 and going to 2400, Sam, Brett and I held booth 204, meaning we were table 204 of the roughly 1000 vendors selling everything you’d buy in a grocery store, from packed meats and cheeses, to chips, cookies, lunchmeats, salsas, hot sauces, hot dogs…and coffee. That was us, Detroit Bold!

There were several thousand people who  attended the one-day affair. They either owned or operated grocery stores and the like;  from small mom and pop shops to the bigger chain stores. They strolled up and down each aisle seeing what new or otherwise eye popping products might sell well at their place.

This is where the 30 second elevator speech better be ready. Not a lot of dilly dalliers here. There is a lot of ground to cover at the Midwest’s’ biggest food show. Better have something good and sellable with a ready quick-pitch.

Our mission, to provide  excellent products and our hometown story to anyone of the thousands of people who had come from all across the middle west of America. Many right down the road, others who flew in and actually plan vacations around it!

Its pretty cool.

We enrolled several dozen new customers who we’ll begin to deliver our products to make available to you! If there’s a store that you know of that you’d like to see Detroit Bold products in and needs a call from us, just let us know. Contact us here: https://www.detroitboldcoffee.com/contact/