By Jason Kenner


Image Credit : Unsplash

As their young children become a little more independent at home, or when littles finally have a solid nap schedule, many stay-at-home-moms look for more to do beyond cleaning up toys, breakfast dishes and the like. Whether in the form of remote work or even side gig opportunities. Fortunately, there’s a great deal of earning potential here, regardless of whether you’re an experienced remote worker or not. With plenty of Detroit Bold Coffee on hand and a tenacity to find the right fit, you have a wealth of possibilities waiting for you. 


Know Where to Look

Successfully finding work-from-home gigs starts with looking in the right places. 



Your Setup for Success

The right mix of tools and a work-friendly workspace will keep your focus and productivity in check, ultimately keeping your job secure.


  • Start your workday with a small mindfulness activity and a cup of Detroit Bold Coffee
  • Create a workspace that enables you to stay focused while your children are fully occupied or napping. 
  • Some people repurpose a room, while others take it further adding bump outs or backyard office sheds. Larger changes can benefit you twofold: you have extra space and a potential to increase your home value. 
  • Invest in the equipment you need to do your work remotely. This can include a laptop, a comfortable desk and chair, an ergonomic keyboard, a large computer screen, speakers and possibly a headset with a microphone. 
  • Tap into essential tools for communication, collaboration, time management, and more to help you stay on track with 
  • Keep your focus amid distractions with the best productivity apps.


Best Practices

Your success as a remote worker hinges on your ability to produce the best possible output consistently and keep projects flowing.


  • Take measures to stay productive and focused, and determine when you can easily focus on work and when you need to be focused on your children.
  • Update your remote work portfolio regularly so that you can provide examples of your experience and skills. 


Learning About Tax Benefits

When working from home, you may be able to take certain tax deductions.


  • Learn about work-from-home tax deductions and how to claim them
  • If you’re starting a freelancing business, consider registering as an LLC for certain tax benefits; you can file for an LLC online through a formation service.


Remote work has become more compelling than ever, particularly for stay-at-home moms looking to generate some income.It’s important, therefore, not just to find work, but to keep it for the long haul, as well. A mix of tools, resources, and your natural given talents will improve your chances of success as a remote worker.