Red River in Okemos Deb Haaland, who represents New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District, will make history as the first Native American Cabinet secretary. This is a truly remarkable event, considering that she is a 35th generation American/New Mexican.

In Michigan, (Cherokee , from the NativeĀ American word,”meicigama” meaning “great water,” a word referring to Lake Superior). is part of the indigenous (Indian) land occupied by generations of people, long before the first white settlers came here.

One of the many, many renowned members of the Michigan Native people is Chief Okemos, born here in 1775. Chief Okemos would become a respected warrior during the War of 1812 and go on to lead a band of Chippewa, Potowanami and Ottawa residing near the Red Cedar River, south of the Michigan State University campus.

Our countless roads, trails, villages, cities and very existence owe an enormous debt to our original citizens here in Detroit, in Michigan and indeed throughout the whole of America.

We honor Native Americans with the utmost reverence and cherish their contributions by respecting all the lands we travel.

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