We couldn’t, or wouldn’t put Detroit on the banner of our Detroit Bold brand without an authentic picture of who and what our city represents as a whole. Our earliest days of operating a cafĂ© taught us that we could do no justice to our vision if we left any part of our Detroit story out.

That vision clearly includes that we not kick our wounded nor leave anyone behind in our march towards a better world for all. We as human beings all share a role in that.

Lets not mince words here. African American’s have historically been unfairly prejudiced and left out of opportunities for no other reason than a fear based upon the color of their skin. That goes against every grain of goodness and truth that there is. What’s more , we deny ourselves the fullest potential in life by boxing ourselves out of the cultural and resource gifts from all walks of life. Surely we are better than that.

Detroit Bold started the Million Bag March
with the idea that we could sell this excellent local roast of pure Arabica coffee and use proceeds from the sale of this blend to give directly back to small businesses in urban areas like Detroit and Highland Park.

We think that this is one small way that we; you and I can help make a difference by helping our neighbors simply by drinking something that we drink every day anyway.

We sell our Million Bag March online
and every Saturday in Shed 3 at Eastern Market in Detroit . You can also get Keurig compatible single serve cups.:

Thanks to you, we’ve sold about 10,000 bags so far and have given back about $10,000.00 to businesses in Detroit. But we still have 990,000 to go.

Our neighbors need and deserve our individual attention to help make the day possible where no one is judged as anything less than equal purely because of the color of thier skin.

Just think of the change we could all make, one bag at a time.

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