There is a very common impression that many people make when they’re first introduced to Detroit Bold coffee. Naturally, people think we have a bold coffee and we can boldly tell you that’s very true.

Still, others immediately think strong coffee is bold coffee and some will reply that they don’t like strong coffee. If they think that bold coffee is strong coffee, they tend to shy away from anything bold.

Bold coffee and strong coffee are two different things. Detroit Bold has several varieties of its coffee. . .

All of these coffees are bold, yet none of them would be considered overly strong.

Bold coffee and strong coffee are two different things.

We define the strength of coffee by the amount of its coffee to water ratio. Too much coffee grounds and not enough water would make an overly strong coffee. No matter the darkness of the roast, from light to deep-dark, Detroit Bold will never be too strong unless you add too much coffee grounds or not enough water.

We suggest 2- 2 ½   tbsp of coffee per 6 oz serving for the perfect cup of Bold.


Boldest Coffee in America image of founder of Detroit Bold Coffee Company

The early days of Detroit Bold in Ferndale, Michigan. AJ sipping among the very first bags of Detroit Bold at AJ’s Cafe in 2009.

Here’s a great idea! Go to www.detroitboldcoffee.com and try any one or all of our awesome varieties in any of the various roasts we make! We offer a variety pack at a discount to help you get started so you can sample all our coffee varieties.

Rest assured, we will always deliver a delicious, robust, full-bodied cup of coffee. Whatever your roast preference is, Detroit Bold is never burnt, always BOLD!




who makes Detroit Bold CoffeeWritten by AJ O’Neil, Founder & CBO of Detroit Bold Coffee Company