Here’s why every order matters:
We intend to give 3 cups of coffee for every one pound of Detroit Bold coffee sold online.
To give one million cups of Detroit Bold to those in need, we have to sell 333,333 pounds!

However, we’d only have to sell 111,111 Three-pak bundles. That’s 3 pounds of Detroit Bold coffee, in any variety, in whole bean or fresh ground-delivered to your door, for just $44.97. That’s about 32 cents a cup; plus, you’d be giving 9 cups of coffee to people in your community who could use a cup of coffee, with no questions asked.

We think that’s a win-win-win situation. !

Order up! and be on your way! We know you’ve got great things to accomplish today. You’ve already started!

Whether you design it, fixit, build it, grow it or clean it up, be BOLD my friends, ..DETROIT BOLD!